14 & 15 Dec. 2019

peace of mind festival

P.O.M Festival is about celebrating life
Diving into hot topics like self development, creative expression, healthy living and personal growth through responsible actions and a healthy mindset.


P.O.M brings you the opportunity to meet teachers, coach, scientists and therapist that share key principles of how can I today become a bit more healthier than yesterday. How can today I boost my interactivity with my own body allowing for intuitive information to flow. 

But more than that P.O.M is a community - where we value you for who you are. Recognize the light that is already within you and allow this light to show up even more. 
Our key values are :



Creating a safe and supportive space for people to unleash their true self !


Diving into new aspects of one's self through meditation, yoga, breath work, nutrition and emotion release.


Giving to the public new strategies of emotional management, or simply how to feed yourself, new ways to see life.

​Bringing awareness to new valuable topics for Mauritius Ecology, Nutrition, Self-esteem, Sacred Sexuality (E.g).


P.O.M Fest is a community of likeminded people who sees the value in getting together to raise our vibration and therefore our impact.


We will also hold meditations and intentions in favour of our beloved island of Mauritius - her sacred land.


the      team

  • illona.png

    Yoga teacher

  • 58689438_10161591714845521_2166296206051

    Yoga teacher

    aurelie chateau
  • 20180924-121658.jpg

    Yoga instructor, karaté teacher, artist

    Nneo jharee
  • 73497787_410187206320878_804435221930835

    Positive Fashion

    for all

  • nb1.png

    CEO of LadyCUp LadyPad Sochgreen Mauritius

    nathalie bremond
  • mr1.png


    melissa rousset
  • dl1.png

    Tai Chi,

    Qi Gong master

    daniel lai fang
  • image7-1.jpg

    Yoga teacher

    patricia tschopp
  • 62418036_10157390435419670_5437024801090

    Kundalini teacher

    detox mentoring

    Kkamalroop sSingh Nnihang
  • ao1.png

    Yoga teacher,


    aseema om tara
  • 1Z3A8583-Edit_edited.jpg

    Yoga teacher

    tatiana mamet
  • jf1.png


    jennifer foo
  • al1.png

    Yoga teacher

    alexia langlois
  • mt2.png

    CEO and Founder

    of PODnow

    marc antoine tschopp
  • as1.png


    aliya chojoo
  • vd1.png

    GWAWR services

    victoria desvaux
  • 66500768_1092253957634593_43061037599434

    Student massagist

    leandro tschopp
  • Artist,


    j.summersoul tribe
  • Capture.PNG



    vegan islander
  • as2.png


    alessia savino
  • 57336351_1263285477169607_35764313857680

    POM ECO Warrior

    johanna barthe
  • Dance instructor

    jean meunier
  • Lindsay Kassem_edited.jpg

    nutrigenomics counselor health coach

    LlLindsay kKasSsem
  • SoundHealing2_edited.jpg

    Love artist


    agnieszka Szulakowska
  • danyal.PNG

    Yoga teacher



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Green Village, Coteau Raffin, Mauritius

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